Simon’s Way

Grand Jury Prize

By Edgar Baghdasaryan, Armenia

Negative Space

Best Picture

By Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter, France



By Alejandro Zuno, Mexico

Contractor 014352


By Simon Ryninks, UK



By Jonatan Schwenk, Germany

3 Siblings


By Sheena Rossiter, Brazil/Canada



By Katharina Woll

A Gold Coin on the Street


By Taniel Kilajian

Official Selection

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Bike Trip

By Tom Schroeder, USA

The third and final film in Tom Schroeder’s “Bike” animated documentary series. Two bikers travel 500 miles to ask a question about beer.

Thou Shall Not Tailgate

By Greg Hamilton, USA

Art car creator, retired postman, and ordained minister Rev. Charles “Chuck” Linville is a one-of-a-kind character. A cross between a collector, provocateur and outsider artist, he stands in stark contrast to the homogenized society that surrounds him. Telling his story in his own voice, Chuck opens a door into his world, while living and creating on his own terms.

3 Siblings

By Sheena Rossiter, Brazil/Canada

Three siblings with different gender identities and sexual orientations bring us into their world during Sao Paolo’s LGBT Pride Month. We learn about their relationship with each other and how they struggle to overcome rampant homophobia and transphobia that exists in Brazil.

Ensueño en la Pradera / Reverie in the Meadow

By Esteban Arrangoiz, Mexico

With the observation of Gaspar, Reverie in the Meadow ponders the painful effects of violence and rampant extortion throughout several states of Mexico.

I’m Free

By Edvard Arntzen Karijord, Norway

On the 8th of October, 2013, Geir Karijord went missing in Romsdal Valley, Norway. His family is left in limbo – should they mourn their brother and son or should they hope for his return? An intimate documentary about loss, hope, and living with unanswered questions.

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A Gold Coin on the Street

By Taniel Kilajian

A Gold Coin on the Street explores the invisible relationship between a host and a listener of 89.5 KMFA, Austin’s non-profit classical music radio station.

Just Remain

By Mathis Glover

A successful banker is faces with an unexpected situation that forces him to introspect and resume the course of his life.


By Scot Michael Walker

An evening commute for two passengers twists into a dark encounter.


By Larry McKee

Zoey and Simon are two employees of a salvage and recycling company who become pressured to satisfy their clients’ unique needs while awaiting the next delivery truck full of special product.

Popcorn & Chocolate

By Cathrine Hatcher

A tenacious middle school band student selling fundraisers helps a grief-stricken, military family recover from its loss.


By Artemis Anastasiadou

Valeria, a Mexican American seamstress and mother of an intellectually challenged young man, is sexually assaulted one night by her boss.

In the Time of Dangerous Men

By Stephen Lynch

As his mind starts to unravel, a cursed writer’s search for peace runs headlong into a hired killer, a mysterious woman, and his own demons –real and imagined.

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Big Bag

By Daniel Greaves, UK

An object lesson of when life weighs you down.


By Alexandra Castellanos, Mexico

Searchers pursue mysterious objects that seem to be unreachable. They want to find out what those secret forms are and what will happen once they catch them.

The Full Story

By Daisy Jacobs, UK

When the dad next-door walks out, five-year-old Toby discovers that parents leave. As the shock hits, the entire room catapults skywards, morphs in mid-air and lands as a different space. The rooms keep pace with Toby’s volatile emotions as home life spirals out of control in the divorce boom of the 1970’s and 80’s. Forty years on, kaleidoscopic scraps of memory still cling to the walls; and Toby clings to these fragments, trying to piece together the full story.

Negative Space

By Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter, France

My dad taught me how to pack.


By Sofia Carrillo, Mexico

Cerulia comes back home to bid her final farewell, but her childhood memories and grandparents’ presence will not let her go.

Birth Cycle, a flip book

By Zak Zych

After nine months in the womb, a baby makes a daring and dramatic entrance into the world!


By Jonatan Schwenk, Germany

After a flood, some fish got stuck in old trees. In danger of dying-out, they scream sharply. Woken up by the noise, the inhabitants of a nearby cave don’t feel happy about the unintended gathering.

Pour 585

By Patrick Smith

While participating in a prosaic cycle of pouring, a timid character with a wine glass for a head grows larger than his numbered peers. Pour 585 is a hand-drawn animated film that interprets an individual’s role in hierarchy.

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Pañales para Melquiades / Diapers for Melquiades

By Gandhi Ramos

Domingo goes to the town’s market to sell hats. Along the way, he takes the opportunity to visit his brother, Melquiades, who is terminally ill.

La Huella / The Trace

By Carlos Andrade Montemayor

The tracker follows the trace of blood that the beast leaves behind.


By Alejandro Zuno

Ophelia goes looking for her husband at El Oasis, a tavern where men pick up men. She faints once her suspicions are confirmed and finds unexpected help from a transgender prostitute.

Los Ausentes / The Absents

By José Lomas Hervert

With only three songs in their repertoire, the trio of huapangueros of seven-year-old Rafaelito must face the first obstacle in their short career –playing for a wake in a community of the Huaxteca Potosina region.

Horas Roca / Rock Hours

By Sandra Concepción Reynoso Estrada

Elena has had an accident and Anselmo is forced to take care of her. In this undesired reunion, the hours transform their father-daughter relationship.

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Flesh of My Flesh

By Matthys Boshoff, South Africa

Twelve years after the car accident, a jovial man and his quadriplegic wife celebrate their 20th anniversary. Despite humor, romance and selfless love, complications arise and force them to face the truth about their relationship.


By Tadeusz Lysiak, Poland

In a small, Polish village, a 60-yr-old farmer living in complete seclusion takes care of his wife who struggles with Alzheimer’s. A young girl from a big city introduces him to a world of techno music.

The President’s Visit

By Cyril Aris, Lebanon

When a small coastal town of fishermen learns the president of the Republic will pay a secret visit to its local soap shop, it embarks in an everlasting struggle of cleaning up and maintaining the perfect image of their town.

You’re Welcome

By Rebecca Panian, Switzerland/Germany

Based on a true story. While waiting for her train in a café, a young woman faces a situation where the barista starts to stir up hate against refugees.

Contractor 014352

By Simon Ryninks, UK

Real and imaginary worlds collide when a lonely data entry clerk reaches through his computer screen in search of genuine connection.

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Final Review

By Jonathan Herzberg, Netherlands

A short metaphysical drama about the successful creative director of an advertising agency who finds out the afterlife consists only of one last performance review.

Maneki Neko

By Manolis Mavris, Greece

Two strangers agree to share the cost of a cab ride. The driver reveals that the couple knows each other and has a common past, leading them to the landscapes of desire.

Shy Guys

By Fredric Lehne, USA

Tony Winner Reed Birney brings the laughs as two strangers confront one of the most insidious and perplexing scourges to ever afflict mankind – while standing at neighboring urinals.

The Simon’s Way

By Edgar Baghdasaryan, Armenia

Since 1993, the border between Armenia and Turkey has been closed. Relatives living on each side of the border manage to communicate through binoculars by writing messages on large pieces of paper. There are only 300 meters in between them, but to meet, they must overcome almost 11,000 kilometers.

Schiedeweg – Teenage Threesome

By Arkadij Khaet, Germany

One boy, one girl and her stepbrother. A date goes wrong.

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In association with the General Consulate of Israel

Intergalactic Samurai

By Kobi Azran

Lia’s younger sister, Daniella, was born with straight hair. Their mother and the Ethiopian community believe she was born as god’s blessing, but Lia vehemently denies this theory and takes her sister on a dangerous journey to prove that god does not exist.

Large Soldier

By Noa Gusakov

It’s 1973, war time in Israel, and all that 15-year-old Sherry wants is a boyfriend. A letter exchange with an unknown soldier makes her believe that it’s going to be her first love. But what will happen when the imaginary soldier becomes real?

Night Rate

By Ilai Steinbach

Late at night, flower bouquet in hand, young Adam heads towards his beloved one. On his way he meets Benny, a taxi driver who steps in to help.


By Katharina Woll

Exit is about two women, Sara and Heidi, who left the ultra-orthodox community.

My First Time

By Asaf Livini

Tonight Maggie is “doing it” for the first time. She meets Kobi, a cute-enough guy for the purpose. They head to his apartment, where Kobi discovers what Maggie’s real intentions are…