Literal Magazine proudly presents it’s 5th edition of Literally Short Film Festival, celebrating not only the festival’s fifth year, but also Literal’s 15th anniversary. For each edition, Literally Short commits to giving the Houston community a crème de la crème selection of short films coming in from around the world, covering all sorts of subjects that touch the soul or simply spark a small chuckle that resonates with everyday life. This will be a special year bringing together not only films, but parties, workshops, music, art, and the best part: filmmakers.


                              Meet your host!

                                             Jason A. Raschen

Jason A. Raschen is a Houston-based Film Producer and a permanent fixture in Houston’s independent film scene. He has lived in the Houston area for over 25 years. His body of work includes the music videos The Ninth Level by Two Star Symphony and Y Aqui Estoy by Katanah; the web series Clubmates and Bob And Nick; and the short films To Beard Or Not To Beard and Acid Test. His films have been selected and screen at numerous film festivals all over the world including The Snow Dance Film Festival, The Bend Film Festival, The Houston Cinema Arts Festival, and the Austin Film Festival. Jason is currently attached to the Feature Film The Red Note based on the true story of the disappeared women of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. In addition, Jason is also working on a documentary about his mother and her experience as the wife of a soldier during the Vietnam Conflict. Jason A. Raschen also serves on the Board of Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP).


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