“By the end of LSFF, you get a feeling of progress being made. Houston is a reflection of its population, and that magnificent gumbo of humanity is rising to the top through festivals like this. New international voices are being seen and heard, and LSFF is doing its part to spread the word. Without a doubt the crowds will only get larger.” Moviemaker Magazine

“It quickly became  a stand-alone annual event that gathers different generations from diverse communities in town, and promotes novel movie directors from all over the world by showcasing and awarding short movies.”Houston Public Media

“The festival intends to bridge cultures and create one unified artistic voice. Each of the roughly 40 short films featured possesses an individualistic perspective, and, unlike movies being shown in theaters across America, they are not meant to just entertain.” Houstonia Magazine

Univision 45

Passion Time with Patricia Gras

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